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The Biggest Little Farm
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Directed By: John Chester

Writers: John Chester

Actors: John Chester, Molly Chester

Genres: Documentary

Country: USA

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Release Date: 2019-05-10 (USA)

Runtime: 1h 31min

Category: Movie

Year: 2018

Quality: HD

Overview: A testament to the large complexness of nature, the most important very little Farm follows 2 dreamers ANd a dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to each their lives and also the land. once the barking of their beloved dog Todd results in AN eviction notice from their little LA living accommodations, John and topminnow urban center create a alternative that takes them out of town and onto two hundred acres within the foothills of Ventura County, naively endeavoring to create one in all the foremost various farms of its kind in complete existence with nature. The land they've chosen, however, is completely depleted of nutrients and affected by a brutal drought. The film chronicles eight years of discouraging work and outsize idealism as they conceive to produce the utopia they look for, planting ten,000 garden trees and over two hundred completely different crops, ANd transportation in animals of each kind- together with an memorable pig named Emma and her relief, Greasy the chicken.

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